• Great bales begin with a great baler.

  • Great bales begin with a great baler.

  • Great bales begin with a great baler.

  • Great bales begin with a great baler.

L1500 Series

The new shape of dense baling.

John Deere L1500 Large Square Balers

Within the sleek outline of the new L1500 Large Square Balers is everything you need to produce dense, high-quality square bales. The heart of the machine is the combination of large bale chamber and high-capacity plunger that work together to produce bales of constant density in any crop. Together with the bale chamber, double tie-knotter and blower system, the production of perfectly formed bales is assured.

Key Features

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High capacity feeding system

High Capacity

Whatever the crop, our high-capacity feeder system devours large windrows at an impressive speed, making the L1500 Series a benchmark for in-field productivity. Constant and regular crop flow is guaranteed by wide pickups matched to high-capacity rotors aligned with huge converging augers. The crop material is evenly concentrated towards the centre of the rotor, irrespective of the size of the windrow. This creates the consistently uniform crop flow to the pre-compression chamber, guaranteeing the regular shape and density of the bales.

Pre-compression chamber

Pre Compression Chamber

Creating consistently sized, precompressed crop flakes is essential for the production of perfectly shaped dense bales. Our multi-crop packer system ensures the pre-compression chamber is completely full before each bale is formed.

Driveline cam clutch protection

Driveline cam clutch protection

All driveline components are protected from any potential overload situations by a series of cam clutches that disengage if necessary. This practical solution maintains working uptime by avoiding the need for unwanted and unscheduled service or repair.

3-metre bale chamber

Bale Chamber

When the bale chamber is filled to capacity, the collected crop material flakes are firmly compressed into perfectly formed, rock-hard square bales. Together, the heavy-duty components of the L1500 Series baler chamber comprise the powerful heart of the machine. The high-capacity plunger works at a rate of 46 strokes per minute, and is guided by some of the industry’s largest plunger bearings. The automatic greasing system prolongs their working life without the need for manual servicing.

Double-tie knotting

Double Tie Knot

Our synchronized knotter system is directly driven from the kinematic driveline, ensuring that the twine is inserted at precisely the right time. The knotter frame is isolated from tension so that, even during heavy crop conditions, bales are always correctly and precisely tied. The system ensures that needles and twine box remain under acceptable load at all times, while delivering perfectly tied bales with reliably tight knots. And because the tension is controlled, there’s less wear on the needles and twine holder.

Dual blower system

Dual Blower

The high productivity of the L1500 is maintained by the extremely efficient cleaning effect of the built-in blower system as used in our T-Series and W-Series combines. Air is forced through the knotter system at a speed of 200 km/h, thus keeping the system clean throughout the longest baling day.

ISOBUS – focussed on efficiency

Isobus Focussed

With the convenience of many ISOBUS enabled functions, operation doesn’t get easier than this. All control functions, including bale density settings and MaxiCut knife activation, are effortlessly monitored and activated via your ISOBUS enabled GreenStar 3 2630 or GreenStar 2 1800 in-cab display. It’s also easy to record all fieldwork, simplifying customer billing.

LED working lights

LED working lights

When your operations extend beyond daylight hours, our LED lighting package provides the reassurance of an uninterrupted overview of your pick-up and rear bale chute.

Hands-on maintenance

Hands on Maintenance

John Deere 1500 Large Square Balers have been engineered to provide the easiest possible access to all working components, from the MaxiCut cassette and pickup to twine spool loading and the rear bale chamber. In addition, the two large side walkways allow easy and secured access to the knotter and blowers.

Maintenance lights

Maintenance Lights

You never know when you might need to, for instance, change a twine spool in low light conditions, so we’ve equipped our L1500 balers with a set of maintenance lights that throw light on all important service access points (twine boxes, needles, knotters).

Ease of operation

Ease of operation

We’ve made working with the L1500 as user-friendly as possible, with easy access to all active components, from twine spools to needles and knotters. There’s ample dedicated storage space for 30 twine spools and all day-to-day adjustments can be carried out without complication.

Now with optional Pre-chopper

Now with optional Pre-chopper

The pre-chopper enables you to extend your scope of business to include customers requiring chopped straw (e.g. strawberry plantation, mushroom cultivation, animal bedding). It can bale a large variety of different crops and has the capacity to produce more bales per season. It has the largest rotor on the market and, when not required, can be raised to provide 650 mm clearance above ground level. It is available ex-factory.

L1500 Product Video

L1500 Large Square Baler Product Video

L1500 Animation

L1500 Large Square Baler Animation

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